Paintings and Traditional Work

Untitled.  Ink and Acrylic, 5"x5".

Untitled.  Watercolor, 12"x16".

Untitled.  Watercolor, 5"x7".

Rooster.  Color Pencil, Approx. 5"x8".  

Fly.  Mixed Media, Approx. 8"x13".  

                                                               Untitled.  Graphite. 8"x12".  

Graphite,  Ink, Gouache Sketch.  Approx. 8"x11"

                                "Before It's Too Late".  Graphite, Acrylic, old book pages. 8"x10"

De Omnibus Dubitandum.  Oil, 8"x8".  

"Lost."  Oil on Canvas over panel,  6'x4'.

 "If your eye causes you to sin."  Oil on Panel,  3'x4'.

By This Sign.  Oil on canvas, 48''x24''.

 Confirmation Bias.  Oil on panel, approx. 48''x53''.

Cloud of Witnesses 1.  Oil on canvas over panel, 11''x17''.

 Cloud of Witnesses 2.  Oil on panel, 8''x10''.

 Cloud of Witnesses 3.  Oil on panel, 11''x17''.